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Chicanx Latinx Student Center (CLSC)

Elvia Diaz, M.A. Retention Counselor


Elvia Diaz, M.A.

Retention Counselor

Office Location: CUB 402


Office Phone: (509) 335-2617


Our Office Assistant

Photo of Ivanna Garza

Ivanna Garza

Office Assistant 

Office Location: Compton Union Building (CUB) 402

Center Phone: (509) 335-2616

Our 2022-2023 Mentors

Joan Baldovinos

Photo of Joan Baldovinos

Julian Caballero

Photo of Julian Caballero

Joana Campos

Photo of Joana Campos

Ivanna Garza

Photo of Ivanna Garza

Ricky Ha

Photo of Ricky Ha

Jenny Hernandez Ramos

Photo of Jenny Hernandez Ramos

Adilene Isordia

Photo of Adilene Isordia

Stepheny Lopez

Photo of Stepheny Lopez

Melanie Ortigoza

Photo of Melanie Ortigoza

Yesli Pena-Rodriguez

Photo of Yesli Pena-Rodriguez

Jose Policarpio

Photo of Jose Policarpio

Cristopher Reyes

Photo of Cristopher Reyes

Carlos Romero

Photo of Carlos Romero

Juliana Romo

Photo of Juliana Romo

Gisselle Salazar

Photo of Gisselle Salazar

Joel Zavala

Photo of Joel Zavala