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Chicanx Latinx Student Center (CLSC)






Our Mission at the Chicanx Latinx Student Center is to promote academic success and achievement for all students especially those of Latin/Spanish ethnicity, culture, community, heritage and linguistic backgrounds. Therefore, the Center provides academic guidance, programming, professional services, and connections to promote the students’ academic success and personal development. We do this by creating a positive, safe, encouraging, nurturing and professional environment where students take on Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence (PRIDE). To this end, the Center exists to serve as a support for all students and communities by providing the connections to foster a culturally relevant transition, adjustment, persistence, achievement, and graduation from Washington State University. 



  • Provide programs and services that improve the retention, achievement, and graduation of students.
  • Develop outreach programs designed to welcome and aid incoming students.
  • Embrace diversity to promote cultural awareness, self-determination and the understanding of others.
  • Build a community of support through social interaction among individuals, organizations, clubs, and social groups.
  • Maintain and enhance university-wide and community partnerships to promote student retention and graduation.