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Chicanx Latinx Student Center (CLSC)


Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority Incorporated Logo

Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc.

The founding mothers recognized a need for a sorority that welcomes women of all nationalities. They united to create Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority. Officially founded February 27, 2008 on the campus of WSU, Alpha Nu respects and accepts every woman for who she is. Together we work to help discourage stereotypes and allow for different ideas and experiences in the community.




They are a Chicana/o Latina/o Graduate and Professional Student Association. Their Mission and Goals include, providing a support system for graduate students, to serve as a proactive agent in the community, to provide mentoring to undergraduate students, to provide opportunities for research collaborations and publications and to create a safe space to discuss issues that affect the local and greater Chicana/o and Latina/o community. They were established in 1993 to increase awareness of issues pertaining to the Chicana/o Latina/o population. All graduate students are welcome.


Chicano/Latino Student Alliance Logo

Chicana/o Latina/o Student Alliance (ChiLaStAl)

The Chicana/o Latina/o Student Alliance is an umbrella organization for all organizations on campus that are Latinx based or related. The purpose of ChiLaStAl is to create unity and lend a support system for all in the alliance.


Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Incorporated Logo

Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Inc.

Our purpose is to promote and instill in every member of our Sorority the values of Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, Scholarship, and Unity. These pillars have become the foundation of our organization and a symbol of devotion to our purpose. By encouraging these admirable characteristics, each member enriches her life with these lifelong attributes.



Gamma Iota Omicron Fraternity Incorporated Logo

Gamma Iota Omicron Fraternity Inc.

Gamma Iota Omicron (GIO), also known as "Gallo", is a fraternity that is molded around the individual student, not a student molded around the fraternity. GIO was created in order to provide an organization that can be a support system, social outlet and provide networking opportunities. Gamma Iota Omicron is a way for students to get involved without giving up his individuality and still staying committed to other clubs, organizations and the like.The goals of GIO are to enhance: Knowledge, Courage, Respect, Heritage, Leadership, Empathy, Social, La Mujer, and to create a Dynasty of Brothers.


Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Incorporated Logo

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc.

The purpose of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc., is to promote the traditional values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership, an organization dedicated to service for institutions of higher education, with an emphasis on the Hispanic/Latino(a) populations, a servitude based on love and friendship. The founders dreamed of a sorority that would unite and promote leadership among Hispanic women, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. was formally recognized on April 6th, 1987 at Texas Tech University and Rho chapter was chartered at Washington State University on March 27th, 1999.



La Hermandad de O eMe Te Logo

La Hermandad de o eMe Te

La hermandad de O eMe Te is a Nahuatl (Aztec) lettered brotherhood. Their mission statements are to serve as a support group for its undergraduate membership, encouraging the membership to grow, learn, mature and eventually graduate with an undergraduate degree, to support and defend the human and social rights of the Chicano/Mexicano/Latino communities and all people of color, to instill the Four Pillars: Culture, Wisdom, Empowerment, Carnalismo and the values associated with each pillar in the hearts of O eMe Te's undergraduate Carnales, to increase the number of educated Chicanos/Mexicanos/Latinos with undergraduate and graduate degrees, to create and build a network of educated Raza whose post-collegiate political, educational, professional and business experience can be directed towards the continued empowerment of our Chicano/Mexicano/Latino communities.


Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc.

The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha shall be to provide a sisterhood based on unity, love and respect in an effort to foster the development of strong leaders who will then provide and practice political, social and cultural activities. It shall also be the purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha to promote unity through charitable and educational programs, maintain a higher standard of learning and serve as a voice for all students. 



MEChA Logo

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A.)

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan (MEChA) is an organization that promotes higher education amongst the oppressed and marginalized students. Increase awareness about our social, historical, and cultural identity amongst ourselves and our community. Strengthening and uniting our Chicana/o Latina/o student community through educational, cultural, and social events

We the members of M.E.Ch.A. at Washington State University, take upon the responsibility to encourage the education of the Chican@ population and promote awareness of the Chican@ presence at Washington State University and in the community at large, while committing to the struggle for the self-determination and empowerment of the Chican@ Community.


Mujeres Unidas Logo

Mujeres Unidas

Mujeres Unidas represents the interests and issues of Chicanas/Latinas at WSU and coordinates activities and opportunities of interest to multicultural women students. Members contribute to community projects and provide peer support for Chicanas and Latinas. In addition, MU provides women with the opportunity to gain leadership training and experience.


Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Incorporated Logo

Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc.

The purpose of this BROTHERHOOD, a SERVICE/SOCIAL Fraternity, dedicated to the needs and the concerns of our communities is and shall be to promote and maintain our traditional values of UNITY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and LEADERSHIP.



Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated Logo

Sigma Lamda Beta International Fraternity Inc.

We believe in the principles of fairness, opportunity, and in the equality of all men no matter what their race, color, or ethnicity. Our biggest goal is to see that all of society can realize the importance of these three principles. In order to achieve this goal we all strive to model these behaviors and present ourselves in a gentlemanly and educated fashion.



Society of Latino Engineers & Scientists (SOLES)

The purpose of the Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists is to promote and enhance educational and job opportunities for minority students in STEM related fields.



If your organization is not included in this list and should be, or if any information is incorrect, please contact: